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    Bonded Ring & Disc Magnets are among the most important magnetic materials currently available on the market.
    Thermo-elastomers and thermoplastic resins can be mixed with a variety of magnetic powders to form injection moulded, compression bonded or flexible magnets.

    Injection bonded magnet can be moulded into complex shapes and directly onto other components for the production of assembly parts (such as direct moulding onto a rotor shaft).

    Compression bonded magnet, on the other hand, offer better magnetic characteristics but are limited to simpler geometries.
    They are mainly used to obtain multipolar magnets and complex geometries (e.g. multi-pole ring magnets).

    They are used for:

    magnets for position and RPM sensors
    complete magnetic rotors

    Magnet Powder NdFeB, SmCo, Ferrite
    Shape Ring, Disc
    Magnetization Direction Thickness or Custom request
    Plating Epoxy
    Maximum Operating Temperature 120-180°C
    Density (g/cm3) 5.6-6.4
    Key Benefits
    High magnetic performance. Maximum Energy Product(BHmax) can reach 18MGOe;
    Extremely tight tolerances. Suitable for various shapes or over components in assembly;
    Stable working temperature. The most high working temperature can be up to 180°C;
    Good corrosion resistance in water and industrial solvents; Long Arc-Segment NdFeB Motor Magnets N38AH
    Flexible multipole mumagnetized in any direction;
    High efficient magnets compared to other magnets.