Bonded Injection Moulding Ferrite Magnet for Sensor

/Bonded Injection Moulding Ferrite Magnet for Sensor
  • Bonded Injection Moulding Ferrite Magnet for Sensor
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    Bonded Injection Moulding Ferrite Magnet for Sensor Basic Info:

    Ferrite, also known as Ceramic Magnets, are made of a composite of Iron oxide and barium carbonate (BaCO3) or strontium carbonate (SrCO3). Since th 1950’s, this material is commonly available and at a lower cost than other types of materials used in permanent magnets. Ceramic magnets are made by pressing and sintering. Sintered magnets are a type of ceramic composed of the compressed powder of the alloy material being used. Sintering involves the compaction of fine alloy powder in a dry and then fusing the powder into a solid material with heat. While the sintered magnets are solid, their physical properties are more similar to a ceramic and are easily broken and chipped.
    Ferrite magnets are brittle and hard , which generally requires diamond wheels to grind and shape. These magnets come in a number of different grades. Ferrite Multipolar Ring Magnets, 2-Polar Ring Axial Ferrite Magnet, Planar Block Ferrite Bipolar Magnet

    Advantages of Bonded Magnets
    *Produced with high efficiency, stability and repeatability.
    *Magnet and other part may form together in one step.
    *Free choice of magnetizing direction-especially for multi-polar applications
    *High dimensional accuracy-large quantity applications with minimum post-press machining.
    *Thin-wall ring and complex shape magnets.
    *High resistance to corrosion.

    1. Black, grey Epoxy;
    2. Prylene.

    Thickness Magnetization, Radiation Magnetization, Multi-pole Magnetization

    Br T: 0.55-0.80
    (BH)max k J/M3 (MGOe): 44-92 (5.5-11.5)
    Tw 0C: 110-150

    Produts Tech:

    1. High precision;
    2. Excellent magnetic properties;
    3. Stable working temperature;
    4. Good corrosion-resistance and nice surface.

    The complete combination of injecting process and high-property rare-earth powder makes it possible to form easily the anisotropic(especially radial anisotrotropic)super-thin ring or block magnets in complex shapes.The products can be formed in a unit together with other components.This process provides high precision and high acceptable rate of products.

    1. The compression molding magnets, as for simple mould and high magnetic properties, are widely used in stepping motor, CD-ROM spindle motor, general motor, vibrating motor, pick-up, HDD spindle motor, and FDD spindle motor.
    2. The injection molding magnets, as for complex mould, magnetic properties around 6 to 7 MGOe, and highly consistency, are widely used in electric expansion valve, air-condition motor etc,.