Black Epoxy Plated Multipole Ring Bonded Magnets

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  • Black Epoxy Plated Multipole Ring Bonded Magnets
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  • Black Epoxy Plated Multipole Ring Bonded Magnets, anisotropic radially-oriented ring magnets, Plastic Injection Bonded Ring Permanent Neodymium Magnets for Rotor, Compression Molding Magnets for Magnetic Brake Motor Bearing Supplier

    Black Epoxy Plated Multipole Ring Bonded Magnets Specification
    Size 48m X 40mm X 16mm
    Model NO. BNI-4
    Application Motor Rotor
    Lead Time 7-15days
    Transport Package as Client′s Request
    Origin Zhejiang Ningbo

    Bonded magnets are an important but often overlooked group of products that magnetic circuit and device designers should consider when choosing the optimum permanent magnet type for their specific application need. In their most basic form bonded magnets consist of two components; a hard magnetic powder and a non-magnetic polymer or rubber binder. The powder may be hard ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo, alnico, or mixtures of two or more magnetic powders known as hybrids. In all cases, the powder properties are optimized through processing and chemistry specifically aimed at utilization in a bonded magnet. The binder that holds the magnetic particles in place can produce either a flexible or rigid magnet. Typical binders for flexible magnets are nitrile rubber and vinyl. Binders for rigid magnets include nylon, PPS, polyester, Teflon, and thermoset epoxies.

    The hot-extruded anisotropic NdFeB magnet is mainly anisotropic radially-oriented ring magnet, which is produced through compression and extrusion deformation by rapidly quenched NdFeB magnetic powder under high temperature, with characteristics as the following:
    1.High magnetic performance, with the radial maximum magnetic energy product of ring magnet reaching 240~360kJ/m3; Plastic Injection Bonded Ring Neodymium Magnets for Rotor
    2.The magnet ring is radially-oriented with uniform radial magnetic performance, which can guarantee motor’s silent operation and smooth torque output;
    3.High heat-resistance, with working temperature reaching 180℃;
    4.The magnetizing poles and pole declination angle of the magnet ring do not have to be reserved, which can be realized through design of changing magnetization coils, with freely using and enough adjustment by customers.
    5.The magnetization waves of magnet ring can be customized and magnetized as square wave, sine wave and other special magnetization waves;
    6.The magnet ring without assembling can be realized multi-polarization and magnet pole declination, which is convenient for motor assembling;
    7.The magnet ring is nanometer crystalline structure with high density and ED coated by epoxy resin with excellent corrosion resistance;
    8.The ED coating thickness of epoxy resin can be reached 20~35μm;
    The hot-extruded anisotropic radially-oriented ring magnets are mainly applied on EPS motors, servo motors, motors for electric tools and kinds of DC motors.