Black Epoxy Coated Sintered Neodymium Radial Magnet

/Black Epoxy Coated Sintered Neodymium Radial Magnet
  • Black Epoxy Coated Sintered Neodymium Radial Magnet
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    Black Epoxy Coated Sintered Neodymium Radial Magnet  Feature:

    Due to the constraint of material, sintered neodymium used in motors is assembled into ring by segment magnet. China Magnets Supplier MPCO INC. can offer radially orientated Sintered NdFeB rings with a wide variety of grades and different coating options after researching continually in Sintered NdFeB material and its structure, orientation compression, magnetizing method, sintering and heat treatment process. Radially orientated sintered NdFeB ring greatly improve motor output properties, significantly reduce the motor loss at the same time.
    The radially oriented ring magnet means that the magnetization direction of the ring magnet is in a radial pattern through radial direction. Even if many sales in the magnet industry unable to distinguish radially oriented ring magnet and diametrically magnetized ring magnet until now.

    For sintered rare earth magnet, the traditional method to make multi-polar magnet is often by placing arc segments magnets on a ring shape. The intricate process and uneven distribution of magnetic field strength are always restrict the development of this method. Radially Oriented NdFeB Ring Magnets

    The biggest role of radially oriented technology is helping anisotropic magnet to achieve multi-polar magnetization, and extend its application in various areas.


    High precise geometry
    Homogeneous distribution of magnetic field
    Simple design and assembly, cost efficiency
    Precision of motor performances
    Huge marketing potential


    Magnetic bearings
    Magnetic clutch
    Motors (Peripheral motor, Spindle motor, Steering control motor, Stepper motor)

    Other new products

    Standard and skewed pole types are available for ring. OD, ID and H are all critical factors, pole numbers are also dependent on size, so for further information of radially orientated Sintered NdFeB rings, please contact us directly. Our engineer will evaluate your magnet design and give you some suggestion if needed. FeCrCo Compass Needle Magnet