Backing 3M Adhesive Name Badge Holder Magnet

/Backing 3M Adhesive Name Badge Holder Magnet
  • Backing 3M Adhesive Name Badge Holder Magnet
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  • Backing 3M Adhesive Name Badge Holder Magnet, Name Tag Business Badge Rechargeable Nametag Card ID with Strong Magnets, 60x14mm Magnets for Name Tags, Reusable Badges and Badgeholders, Badge Attachments/Magnetic name badge holder/Badge magnets

    Backing 3M Adhesive Name Badge Holder Magnet Parameter:
    Part No. MP-MNBD-06
    Brand MPCO
    Size 60x14mm
    Material 3 disc Neodymium magnet + Metal Steel + Adhesive
    Magnet D10x2.5mm N35 Ni coating
    Weight 17g
    Usage To hold Name Card, attach to Clothers, etc.

    Name badge magnets are the badge attachments to replace the traditional badge pins. Combined with name tags, name badge magnets are used to make Magnetic Name Badges.
    There are 7 different styles of name badge magnets can be purchased on MPCO Magnetics’ online store, Magnets 4 Sale, with one of them to be custom made. Steel Backplate Name Badge Reusable Magnet For Badge
    Our Badge Magnets are the best quality in the industry with abundant supplies.

    The concept of wearing name badges has been around forever for a reason. A professional company name badge shows potential customers, visitors and business associates that a person belongs with your company and is trustworthy.

    Would you be willing to trust a person who approached you as an employee without any visible identification on them? Most customers would rightfully be wary at the lack of any proof. Your employee might produce a business card but that doesn’t really inspire a level of instinctive trust that name badges at the workplace do.

    Custom name badges also show your logo and promote your branding. Whether at work, a networking function or trade show, you want your company logo to look professional and stand out in a crowd. With custom name badges from MPCO, you can do just that.

    High Quality Custom Name Badges
    All of our name badges are printed with state of the art, high resolution machinery, finished with a hard-wearing, scratch-proof polyurethane coating that not only makes the badge and your brand look terrific, but keeps them that way!

    Whether you are looking for name tags for a dentist or doctor’s office, trade show or conference, restaurant, office or retail location, Name Badges can assist you with your custom name tag order. Metal Name Badge Attachments with Neodymium Magnets Backing