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  • Anisotropic Ring FeCrCo Magnets, CrFeCo, Crovac, CoFeVCr, Ferrochrome Magnets, FeCrCoMo Magnets, Iron-Chrome-Cobalt ring shaped permanent magnets, isotropic and anisotropic FeCrCo Alloy Magnet China Supplier

    Anisotropic Ring FeCrCo Magnets are composed of Iron, Chromium, and Cobalt ring shaped. Raw Materials are vacuum melt to alloy ingot, then alloy ingots can be machined by hot rolling, cold rolling and all machining methods of drilling, turning, boring etc to shape the FeCrCo Magnets.

    FeCrCo Magnets have something similar with Alnico Magnet on production and characteristic. FeCrCo Magnets also have high remanence but low Hc which is similar with Alnico 5 Magnets, They also have high working temperature and very low-temperature coefficient of Br which is also similar with Alnico Magnets. They are also made magnetism by a process of heat treatment, and they also classified to the isotropic and anisotropic material by the process of magnetic orientation.

    Ferrochrome known as transformers in permanent magnets is the advantage of the magnetic material, easy metal processing, especially drawing and pulling the tube is the other permanent magnetic materials can not be compared with it. FeCrCo Bar Magnets


    Poor performance
    Remanence Br = 13000-14000 GS
    Coercivity Hc = 650 (Oe) about 52 KA / M
    BHmax = 6.0 MGOe
    Physical properties, hardness as 304 stainless steel the same 30-35 easy processing


    Electric industry;
    Tele communication;
    Micro motor;
    Loud speaker;
    Automobile speedometer etc.

    The very difference of FeCrCo Magnets is they are very machinable. As all know, whether Alnico Magnets or Rare earth magnetic materials, they are all brittle, they are only able to be machined by limited methods, For example, grinding and linear cutting. But FeCrCo Magnets can be machined by lots of methods prior to the heat treatment.

    Characteristic of FeCrCo Magnets
    Machinable prior to the heat treatment
    High working temperature.
    Low-temperature coefficient; Very Temperature stable.
    Various shapes. they can be produced to very thin and very small part.
    Low Hc

    (BH)max Br Hcb Hcj d α(Br) remarks
    Min Typ
    kJ/m3(MGOe) mT(kGs) kA/m(kOe) kA/m(kOe) g/cm3 %/K
    FeCrCo4/1 4-8(0.5-1.0) 800-1000(8.5-10) 8-31(0.10-0.40) 9-32(0.11-0.4) 7.7 -0.03 Isotropic
    FeCrCo10/3 10-13(1.1-1.6) 800-900(8.0-9.0) 31-39(0.40-0.48) 32-40(0.41-0.49) 7.7 -0.03
    FeCrCo12/4 12-18(1.5-2.2) 750-850(7.5-8.5) 40-46(0.50-0.58) 41-47(0.51-0.59) 7.7 -0.02
    FeCrCo12/5 12-16(1.5-2.0) 700-800(7.0-8.0) 42-48(0.53-0.60) 43-49(0.54-0.61) 7.7 -0.02
    FeCrCo1/1 1-9(0.1-(1.1) 900-1300(9-13) 2-8(0.025-0.1) 2-8(0.025-0.1) 7.7 -0.02 Anisotropic
    FeCrCo12/2 12-36(1.5-4.5) 1300-1450(130.0-14.5) 12-40(0.15-0.5) 13-41(0.16-0.51) 7.7 -0.02
    FeCrCo24/6 24-30(3.0-3.8) 900-1100(9.9-11) 56-66(0.70-0.83) 57-67(0.71-0.84) 7.7 -0.02
    FeCrCo28/5 28-36(3.5-4.5) 1100-1250(11.0-12.5) 49-58(0.61-0.73) 50-59(0.62-0.74) 7.7 -0.02
    FeCrCo44/4 44-52(5.5-6.5) 1300-1450(13.0-14.5) 44-51(0.56-0.64) 45-52(0.57-0.64) 7.7 -0.02
    FeCrCo48/5 48-55(6.0-6.9) 1320-1450(13.2-14.5) 48-53(0.6-0.67) 49-54(0.61-0.68) 7.7 -0.02


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