8-Poles Cast Multi-Pole AlNiCo Rotor Magnet

/8-Poles Cast Multi-Pole AlNiCo Rotor Magnet
  • 8-Poles Cast Multi-Pole AlNiCo Rotor Magnet
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    8-Poles Cast Multi-Pole AlNiCo Rotor Magnet Paramenters
    Part No.  MPCOARM-8 SERIES
    Size: 2.200″ Dia. x 1.350″
    Number of Poles: 8

    Alnico rotor magnets are designed with multiple poles; each pole alternates in polarity. The hole in the rotor is designed for mounting onto shafts. They are excellent for use in synchronous motors, dynamos and air turbine generators.
    • Alnico rotor magnets are made with Alnico 5 material and have a maximum temperature of approximately 1000°F.
    • They are supplied un-magnetized unless otherwise requested. Magnetization after assembly is required to gain the full benefits of these magnets.
    • We provide a magnetization service for assemblies incorporating these magnets. We can normally magnetize them within one working day of receipt.

    Alnico Magnet is composed primarily of Aluminum,Nickel,Cobalt,Copper and Iron. It has very good corrosion resistence and high temperature operation. Although other materials offer greater energy and coercivity values, the high remanence and thermal stability of AlNiCo makes it the most cost effective material for certain applications, like generator, microphone lifting, voltmeters and measuring instruments. It is widely applied in high stability fields as aerospace, military, automobile, and security system.

    Alnico 5, the most widely used grade, delivers energy to a magnetic circuit more economically than any of the other Alnico grades. Alnico 8 possesses the highest coercive force of all Alnico grades, as well as excellent energy per unit volume and a low reversible temperature coefficient. It is recommended for applications exposed to strong demagnetizing fields, or where space considerations dictate a short magnetic length.

    Alnico is hard and brittle, and prone to chipping and cracking. Special machining techniques must be used to machine this material. Alnico magnets require magnetizing fields of about 3 kOe (kilo Oersted). Because of their relatively low coercivities, special care should be taken to assure that alnico magnets are not subjected to adverse repelling fields, since these could partially demagnetize the magnets. Magnetized magnets should be stored with “keepers” to reduce the possibility of partial demagnetization. If alnico magnets are partially demagnetized, they may be easily re-magnetized.

    The most efficient utilization of Alnico magnets requires that they be magnetized after the magnet is assembled in the final magnetic circuit. Shipping the alnico magnets before magnetizing them also eliminates the need for special packaging and prevents contamination by potential contact with ferrous materials.

    Alnico has the best temperature coefficient of any but the most advanced commercial magnet material, providing for excellent stability over a wide temperature range. A properly designed circuit using Alnico magnets will have a stable flux output during temperature fluctuations.