4LBS FLEX Bendable Magnetic Pickup Tool

/4LBS FLEX Bendable Magnetic Pickup Tool
  • Bendable Magnetic Pickup Tool
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  • 4LBS FLEX Bendable Magnetic Pickup Tool, FLEXIBLE Bendable Magnetic Pickup Grabber Tool,Flexible Magnetic Pick Up Tool Bendable Magnet Goosneck magnet Reach Moldable, 24″ Flexible Magnetic Pick-Up Tool Long Reach Strong Magnet Grabber Stick China Supplier

    4LBS FLEX Bendable Magnetic Pickup Tool Features:
    Item No. MPPU-13C
    Handle Color red
    To pick up the things where you cann’t get it by your hand
    With LED Light, Flexible, settled body, hold up to 4lbs
    Overall length 23-1/2″ (600mm)

    1. With spring of dense thread at the front.
    2. With Super-adsorption of metal, it can effectively remove metal substances which inadvertently fell into the pipeline, especially the tool bit on the pipe cleaning machine,etc.
    Product Parameter:
    1. Name: Magnetic hand tool
    2. Length: about 0.6 m/ 0.66 yd/23.6inch
    3. Material: Metal
    4. Weight: about 100 g
    Package included:
    1× Bendable Thread Sucking Bars Magnetic Pickup Hand Tools

    Magnetic Pick-up Arm is to pull strength picks up hardware, tools, scrap metal, nails and more. Contains neodymium. Long handle allows users to reach under vehicles, workbenches and more. Remove collected debris with shop towel or work gloves. flexible bendable magnetic pickup grabber tool

    1.Due to light and other reasons, there may be differences in color.
    2.Products are manual measurement, there is a slight size error.
    3.Please allow 1~2cm error due to the hand measurement.

    This tool is able to pick up steel bolts or metal parts up to 2.5kg capacity. The maximum capacity can be reduced due to a metal base mixture or shape, some metal parts that made of aluminium, iron and steel may decrease pickup capacity of the tool due to nature of mixed steel.
    This flexible retrieval tool reaches deep into engine bays, wheel wells and other obstructed areas fetch ferrous metal parts. This tool features 15inch flexible rod and powerful magnet that will be able to pick up steel parts up to 2.5kgs (if made out of plane steel).
    19½ inch flexible arm bends into almost any shape
    4½ inches anodized aluminium handle with no-slip grip
    Powerful magnet that can lift up to 2.5kg or 5lbs
    Made of high quality parts and materials
    Most useful tool when for automotive repairs

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