Ø31mm Magnetic Holder with Rubber-Coated Magnet High Adhesive Force

/Ø31mm Magnetic Holder with Rubber-Coated Magnet High Adhesive Force
  • Ø31mm Magnetic Holder with Rubber-Coated Magnet High Adhesive Force
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  • Ø31mm Magnetic Holder with Rubber-Coated Magnet High Adhesive Force, Rubberized Neodymium Magnet System with Female Thread, Light Fixing Magnet, Magnetic Ceiling System LED Light Bar Car Roof Top Mounting Cup Magnets, Rubber Embedded Round POS Magnets, Waterproof Car Taxi Sign Magnetic Base Mount China Factory

    Ø31mm Magnetic Holder with Rubber-Coated Magnet High Adhesive Force Features:
    Item No. RCM04-C31
    Magnetic Face: 31mm dia
    Thickness: 6mm
    Grade: N42
    Plating: Ni-Cu-Ni ( Nickel ) + rubber
    Material: NdFeB
    Performance (Gauss): 3800
    Vertical Pull (Kg): 9.7
    Slide Resistance (Kg): 4.5
    Max Temp (degrees C): 80
    Fixing: M3 c/s Screw

    31mm diameter x 6mm thick with a 6mm diameter counterbored hole for fixing
    +/-0.1mm tolerance.
    Each magnet is counterbored on the magnetic face.
    Each magnet’s has both its north and south poles on the magnetic face.
    Each magnet can support 9.7kg pull vertically from the magnetic face when in flush contact with a mild steel surface and 4.5kg in a shear position.
    Rubber-coated to increase friction and prevent marking other contact surfaces.
    Can be fixed in place with our 3mm diameter thread countersunk screws.

    The rubber coating is perfect for fixing POS signage displays onto delicate metal surfaces, leaving no marks and providing a good level of corrosion protection for outdoor use. The rubber also allows for extremely effective hold in sheer forces.

    31mmdia x 6mmthick Rubber Coated N42 Neodymium Pot Magnets

    31mmdia x 6mmthick Rubber Coated N42 Neodymium Pot Magnets

    Features of pot magnets with rubber coating, Magnetic Cup Assemblies with rubber coat and internal thread
    Principle: The strong neodymium magnets are embedded in a steel pot. The steel pot increases the adhesive force of the magnet on direct contact with a thick iron surface. If there is no direct contact with the counterpart, or if the steel plate is thin, painted or rough, you won’t be able to put as much strain on it. Rubberized Magnet System

    Rubber coated neodymium pot magnets are strong and durable magnetic assemblies with a threaded center hole (internal female thread) and protective rubber coating. Made with N42 neodymium disc magnets attached to a flat steel disc and coated with black isoprene rubber which leaves no marks and prevents surfaces from scratching. The protective rubber coating protects magnets from corrosion or oxidation for sustained use in outdoor environments. It also prevents magnets from chipping easily and provides more slip-resistance than other types of coated or uncoated magnets. Rubber-Coated Magnetic Holder

    The magnet systems – colloquially also called pot magnets – are equipped with heteropolar NdFeB magnets that are fully encased in a layer of rubber (technical term: elastomer). This rubber casing offers a number of benefits. It not only protects delicate surfaces against scratching, but also prevents oxidation of the highly corrodible magnets through moisture. At the same time, the rubber increases the magnet’s displacement forces and prevents slippage. The rubber coated pot magnets are temperature-resistant up to 140 °F. The rubber coating also protects them against moisture and spray water. However, the permanent outdoor use of rubber coated magnets is not recommended.

    Rubber Coated Magnet Pots with objects and internal screw thread

    Rubber Coated Magnet Pots with objects and internal screw thread

    *For car electronic salute fixing
    *Used for fixing spotlights of car ceiling
    *For wedding car flower plates, camera fixed
    *For industrial tooling, factory equipment installation and fixing
    *For cars, van roof advertising light boxes, radio, speakers, etc.

    The rubber protects the magnet from occasional moisture. Permanent outdoor use, however, may lead to the formation of rust. Our neodymium pot magnets with rubber coated, on the other hand, are rust-proof.
    The rubber coating also can Increase the friction and improve the stability of pull-force.
    Multi-Use:Cameras, LED Working &Signal Lighting, Miniature Equipment , Control Panel, Mounting fixtures.

    1.Q: What’s the best price you can offer ?
    A: The price depend on your material, your quantity, and your logo design.So please tell us more details about your requirements. Internal Thread NdFeB Rubber Coated Magnet Pot With Center Hole Ø43mm
    2.Q: Can I custom my tags and logo?
    A: Sure! We offer customizing service, not only the tags and logo, but also the design and packing can as your request.
    3.Q: What about the MOQ?
    A: The MOQ is one box, for easy to pack and ship. Small order also is ok. Many new brands choice to work with us in the beginning and we are very happy to watch them grow up.
    4.Q: Can I get a sample before bulk order?
    A: Yes ,In order to text the quality, you can get a sample before bulk order. We are confident in the quality. And the sample time is 2 working days.
    5.Q: What are your manufacturing and shipping time ?
    A: Small order just need 2-7 days. Mass production is about 15-20 working days after confirming all details.