216pcs 5mm Gold MagCube Magnetic Buckyballs Neo Cube

/216pcs 5mm Gold MagCube Magnetic Buckyballs Neo Cube
  • 216pcs 5mm Gold MagCube Magnetic Buckyballs Neo Cube
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    216pcs 5mm Gold MagCube Magnetic Buckyballs Neo Cube – Executive Gold Buckyballs Magnetic Puzzle Game. Shape, mold and snap them jointly in limitless ways. A game, sculpture, furthermore to the wonderful inclusion for the executive desk. Thats Executive Buckyballs, the extraordinary magnetic puzzle thats usually changing, usually amusing, usually making on itself–and there are no incorrect answers, ever. create your individual three dimension performs of proficiency as unique focal factors in your desk. very good discussion starters, too. consists of 216 effective unusual earth magnets coated in dark nickel, genuine gold. Have fun–make that limitless fun–with Executive Buckyballs. find out the limitless enjoyment for yourself. purchase your gold Buckyballs Magnetic making toys today!

    1.Size of This ball is enough 5mm,Magnet Grade: N35
    2.This product is ball is excellent technology, it is not easy to fade afer using. Can stand Long-lasting friction andstrong Antioxidant ability.
    3.This ball passed SGS safety test.

    Package contents:
    •1x 5mm magnetic balls (216pcs as a set)
    •1x metal box

    The Neocubes are composed of 216 high quality Neodymium magnetic balls. Neocubes will keep you entertained for hours. It’s a puzzle, it’s a stress reliever, it’s a desk toy, it’s a construction game, it’s a brain teaser, but most of all, it’s fun!

    The magnetic balls in the Neocubes MagCube  are used as micro construction blocks to build awesome sculptures and psychedelic patterns. MagCube Neocubes are the future of puzzles, the Rubik cube on steroids, the space age gadget of tomorrow available today.

    Neocubes are more than simple construction balls. The magnetic properties of the balls will allow you the experience firsthand the mysterious properties of magnetism. When playing with your Neocubes, 216pcs 5mm Snow White Magnetic Sphere Neo Cube

    you will feel the power of the magnets, Neocubes will orient themselves and align based on this mysterious scientific principle. The magnetic balls will almost mystically guide your hands to build complex fractal patters and other symmetric designs found everywhere in nature and space. Beyond simple Construction balls, Neocubes are a force of nature right at your fingertips.

    Neocube : the tendency of magnetic ball game !
    With its size mat and its modern design, the Neocube is a much of his time toy. Both puzzle, 3D puzzle and building game, it helps to pass the time and relax. And for the most creative, these small magnetic beads are used to create all sorts of tricks!