12V DC 1.5T Big Electrical Holding Magnet 180*63mm

/12V DC 1.5T Big Electrical Holding Magnet 180*63mm
  • 12V DC 1.5T Big Electrical Holding Magnet 180 63mm
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  • 12V DC 1.5T Big Electrical Holding Magnet 180*63mm, Round Solenoid Lifting Electromagnet for Industrial, Electric Lifting Electro Strong Magnet, DC 6V 12V 24V Electromagnet, Lifting Solenoid Sucker Holding Electric Magnet, Non-standard Custom Electric Lifting Magnet Electromagnet Solenoid Lift Holding Silver Tone China Supplier

    12V DC 1.5T Big Electrical Holding Magnet 180*63mm Feature:
    – Big holding force to 1500KGS
    – Holding when power on and release when power off
    – Electroplating anti-corrosive
    – Epoxy filled Waterproof IP65
    – Side and bottom outlet for leadwire,wide application
    – 20 years of design and produce experience
    – OEM/ODM is welcomed

    Product Name
    Holding Electromagnet
    Rated Voltage (V)
    Product Size(mm)
    Ø180 x H63 mm
    Work Model
    Holding Type
    Rated Power(W)
    50 W
    Service Life
    >500,000 Times
    Holding Force (KG)
    > 1500 KG
    Thread Size(mm)
    3_M16 x H19 mm
    Install Style
    By Screw
    Min. thickness of contact plate (mm)
    30 mm
    9500 g
    Hi-Pot Test
    AC 600V / 2S
    Residual Magnetism(KG)
    < 150
    Insulation Class
    Class B
    Working Temperature
    Lead Wire Length(mm)
    200-650mm or Customized
    Duty Cycle
    Sample Order
    Max. Power on time(S)
    No Limited
    10 pcs
    Reset Time(s)
    Delivery Time
    3-7 Days
    Payment Term
    Port of Loading
    3 Year

    Many electromagnets have an advantage over permanent magnets because they can be easily turned on and off, and increasing or decreasing the amount of electricity flowing around the core can control their strength.

    Modern technology relies heavily on electromagnets to store information using magnetic recording devices. When you save data to the hard drive in your computer, for example, tiny, magnetized pieces of metal are embedded onto a disk in a pattern specific to the saved information. This data started life as binary digital computer language (0s and 1s). When you retrieve this information, the pattern is converted into the original binary pattern and translated into a usable form. So what makes this an electromagnet? The current running through the computer’s circuitry magnetizes those tiny bits of metal. This is the same principal used in tape recorders, VCRs and other tape-based media (and yes, some of you still own tape decks and VCRs). This is why magnets can sometimes wreak havoc on the memories of these devices.

    Electromagnets also paved the way for really harnessing the potential of electricity in the first place. In electrical appliances, the motor moves because the current flowing from your wall socket produces a magnetic field. It’s not the electricity itself powering the motor, but the charge created by the magnet. The force of the magnet creates rotational movement, which means they rotate around a fixed point, similar to the way a tire rotates around an axle. 5N 24v Mini Permanent Electromagnet 10*10mm

    1.Holding type, round shape, mini size, IP65 waterproof, DC solenoid electromagnet.

    2.The electromagnet need to be energised to develop suction force, widely used for holding of ferromagnetic workpieces during machining or assembly, safety mechanisms, selector devices in textiles machinery, door latching holdback devices and etc.

    3.Energised-on-holding, and release deenergised. We also offer an optional spring loaded ejector pin to overcome residual magnetism, as well as optional armature plates as a magnetic counterpart for optimum performance.

    4.Also offer custom shape and energise to release circular electromagnet.

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