Plastic Coated Magnets

Plastic Coated Magnets, Assorted Colors Powerful Plastic Coated Neodymium Magnets, Round & Rectangular Plastic Capped Magnet, Colorful Plastic Covered Refrigerator Magnets – Perfect as Whiteboards, Lockers, or Fridge Magnets in Home, Kitchen or Office

Plastic coated magnets are powerful neodymium magnet enclosed in a durable and waterproof plastic housing. As the magnet’s nickle plating is completely covered by plastic cover, these magnets are safe to use in harsh environments especially does well in the underwater application, also the magnet is very durable and will not chip or break from usage.

Also, small and asorted plastic coated magnet is perfect for office organization, magnetic whiteboards and crafts. Available in many different colors, it is great for color coding your calendar or organizing documents on your magnetic whiteboard.

Assorted Colors Powerful Plastic Coated Neodymium Magnets

Assorted Colors Powerful Plastic Coated Neodymium Magnets

The plastic coating is about 1mm thick itself, according to the final size, the magnet size should change to be 2mm less. But it will make the magnet less stronger, if you choose plastic coating, you may have to choose a stronger magnet than your original design. In addition, the plastic coating will need a tooling charge, but different colors can be produced by a same mold.

Neodymium magnets with plastic coating for Notice Board, Office and Fridge / Coloured Magnets
MPCO Neodymium Magnets in a plastic casing are going to be your strongest partner at work. They are available in different sizes and colours: the bigger, the stronger the magnetic force. Neodymium magnets are different from ferrite magnets, they are ten times stronger than ferrite magnets: perfect for many pages and thick papers. You can use them everywhere and everytime a normal ferrite magnet is no longer sufficient.

Water-proof neodymium magnets: rust-proof & with scratch protection
The neodymium magnets in this group are entirely coated by a layer of rubber or plastic, a teflon coating, or even shrink-wrapped into a plastic cover, which provides the following advantages:

Waterproof:  These magnets are rustproof and can be used outdoors and in wet surroundings or even washed if necessary
Friction (only for rubberised magnets): The rubber layer significantly increases the magnetic force in shear direction
Scratch protection (only for plastic-covered or rubberised magnets): Delicate surfaces, such as whiteboards or magnetic glass boards, are well protected

Due to the rubber or plastic coating, the maximum adhesive force of these magnets is slightly lower, however, compared to similar-sized neodymium magnets without coating.