Motor Magnets

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Motor Magnets – Electric motor applications represent a key area of growth for MPCO Magnetics. We supply to applications that incorporate soft magnetic materials, as well as high density bonded NdFeB permanent magnets.

High-Performance Magnet for Motors – Recent concerns about the global environment have spurred a trend toward energy-saving and more-efficient electronic devices, resulting in a shift from wound motors to motors that use magnets, which are expected to grow in popularity.
In particular, the development of magnetic motors for use in energy-saving and more-efficient home electronics as well as electric and hybrid cars that aim to raise fuel efficiency is progressing. Magnetic motors are also garnering attention for use in elevators and the drivetrains of electric vehicles.
There is also potential for the use of magnetic motors in ‘cleaner,’ energy-conserving injection-molding machines, demand for which has led to the use of electric power in those devices.

Responses to diversity of motors:
(1) Correspond to high performance motors
(2) Minimal vibration and cogging for smooth rotation
(3) Higher efficiency in ferrite magnets, which have excellent cost performance

Magnets that will improve motors’ functions are in demand.
The demand for high performance and improvements in magnetic properties of magnets used in motors is constant, making necessary improvements in features and performance other than magnetic properties to enable a wide range of applications and methods.

MPCO Magnetics Inc. is in partnership with motor manufacturers who are pushing the boundaries of achievable performance and efficiency.

Typical applications include:
High efficiency motors for hybrid and electric vehicles
Advanced starter motors
High speed motors for consumer products
Over-moulded multi-pole rotors for automotive stepper motors
Servo type rotary actuators
Mobile phone vibration motors
DC Motors
Door control motors
Brushless motor
Air conditioner motor
Vacuum cleaner motor
Car electric motors
Automotive seat and fan motor
Oil pump motor