Magnetic Formwork Systems

Magnetic Formwork Systems, Magnetic Shuttering Solution for precast concrete formworks, permanent holding magnets, Magnet Box, Shuttering Magnet, Shuttering System Magnet, Precast Magnet, Magnetic Chamfer for the precast concrete part industry

Magnetic Formwork Systems – The MPCO company has developed an innovative formwork system on the basis of magnets. The system, which bears the name MPCO magnetic shuttering solutions offers maximum flexibility in formwork construction by means of simple steel attachments and wooden modules.

innovative magnetic solution for concrete formwork

innovative magnetic solution for concrete formwork

Magnetic shuttering and formwork systems for precast concrete.

Precast concrete need Magnetic Formwork System to complete various shape. Shuttering magnet is most usage to change various structural concrete components to match clients design. Shuttering magnets are fast and stable to fix plate on the formwork pallets. Various shape magnet chamfer fixed to pallets to making groove in the precast concrete panels. magnetic formwork system products inclued Shuttering Magnet Box, U60 Shuttering Magnet, Shuttering Magnet Adapter, Steel Chamfer, Magnet Chamfer and so on.

We offer a wide range of magnetic holder systems for production of prefabricated concrete elements. Magnets are available with formwork profile and integrated magnets (Formwork System) or as separate units (Magnetic holders, shuttering magnets), which can be attached to a separate wooden or steel formwork onto the casting table. We also have magnetic holders for attach the lifting and fixing anchors, as well as various electrical boxes to steel formwork and to forming of chamfers and grooves to concrete elements. Formwork systems are delivered for operating either manually or formwork robot.

Magnetic Formwork System with a steel profile and inbuilt attaching system This formwork system can be obtained for various different solutions such as the casting of filigran, sandwich, façade, column and slab concrete elements. The formwork can be constructed for continuous production or for situations demanding flexibility with frequently changing element sizes. The fixing mechanism can be made to work manually or operated by robot. The formwork system is comprised of a steel profile and an inbuilt magnetic attaching mechanism that is suitable for fixing to most bases.

Magnetic formwork systems for precast concrete industry

Magnetic formwork systems for precast concrete industry

For fastening the anchors to formwork We have a wide range of magnetic holders for threaded socket anchors, spherical anchors, spread anchors and other anchor systems.

Moulding profiles These profiled strips are designed for forming grooves and chamfers of varying shapes and sizes into concrete elements. They are available in steel, plastic and rubber and can be obtained either with or without integrated magnets.

For the telescopic extension of formwork profiles
Shuttering demands an continuous extension of shuttering profiles, as well as the connection of longitudinal and transversal shutters of differing profiles.
This task can be solved with the special steel sheet, which can be hold by means of a universal adapter system.
The steel sheets serve for the telescopic profile complement and are designed and supplied by us suitable for the existing formwork System.
The Extension System consists of the following components:
Steel shutter
Universal adapter with circular magnets for the magnet box

Our magnets are suitable to solve fastening problems in the field of prefabrication and carpentry.
They are built with boxes made out of stainless steel or sheet metal and come in various sizes and different levels of adhesion. We are able to custom design magnets in order to best satisfy our customers’ needs.
Magnetic field strength from 500 to 2000 Kg.