Magnetic Coupling

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Magnetic coupling is a new kind of coupling, which connects motor and machine by permanent magnetic force. They work in the sealless magnetic drive pumps, which transporting volatile,flammable, explosive and toxic solutions with no leakage. The appearance of Magnetic coupling solved thoroughly the leak problems existed in dynamic sealing of certain mechanical devices. Magneic coupling are widely used in various industries and fields, such as chemical, papermaking, foodstuff, pharmacy,etc.

A magnetic coupling is a device that is capable of transmitting force through space without physical contact. Attractive and repulsive magnetic forces are harnessed to perform work in either a linear or rotary fashion. In its simplest form, a magnetic coupling is comprised of two components: a driver and a follower.

Magnetic Motor Coupling

Magnetic Motor Coupling

The driver is the portion of the mechanism connected to the prime mover (motor). Through magnetic interaction, the follower reacts to the motion of the driver, resulting in a non-contact transmission of mechanical energy. This non-contact power transmission has multiple benefits, including but not limited to:


According to the type of holes installed in the classification, can be divided into the following:

  • Unthreaded Hole Type
  • Axel Hole Type
  • Flange Type
Magnetic Couplings

Magnetic Couplings

Magnetic couplings are capable of transmitting forces both linearly and rotationally. Consequently, in addition to selecting the Class of coupling required (synchronous, eddy current, or hysteresis), the coupling type also needs to be specified. Two Types of couplings exist:

• Type 1 – Torque
• Type 2 – Linear

As their names imply, torque couplings (Type I) are used to transmit forces rotationally while linear couplings (Type II) are used to transmit forces linearly. As one might expect, each coupling Type also has a variety of geometric topologies that can be utilized to meet the design intent. The details of these configurations are found below.

Magnetic couplings are consist of external rotor,internal rotor and isolating cover. MPCO can design and produce different Magnetic couplings according to customer’s requests.

Magnetic Coupling Application

Magnetic Coupling Application