Magnetic Ball Joints

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Magnetic Ball Joints – As a magnetic device, this kind of joint ball magnet is assembled with very strong rare earth neodymium magnets and a steel shell or brass house covering. The centre of outer cover attracted with a threaded steel ball. A holding device used for cameras, light fixtures, optical devices, and other applications.

The magnetic ball joint assembly allows the steel ball a full 360° rotation on a 180° axis. This is made possible by the combination of a steel ball (10 mm diameter) and a powerful rare earth magnet contained in the magnet cylinder. The ball comes threaded as in the diagram for different sizes.



Steel or Brass ball magnetically held in spherical socket The steel or brass ball is subject to a magnetic field in the permanent magnetic system and is thus held in the spherical socket by this magnetic force.  If the holding force of the magnet system is exceeded, the ball is released without damage.

Application examples

Since the magnetic ball joint is electro-conductive, rapidrelease and rotatable electrical connections can be made with such a system. This is of advantage, for instance, in modern low-voltage lamps. Rapid-release connections for test fixtures are also possible. In lifting linkages a predetermined breaking point can be provided, or sideways movements compensated. Due to the use of high-energy rare-earth magnets, magnetic ball joints types KD… have a very strong holding force. The resulting displacement force of the ball is strong enough to hold the optical systems of cameras, lighting fixtures or laser units without requiring a mechanical fixation.