• Look Neodymium Magnet's Rust

Look Neodymium Magnet’s Rust

Look Neodymium Magnet's Rust While this blog promotes the use of neodymium magnets, we also try to be frank about their limitations. Previous examples include: How a neodymium magnet doesn’t remove all the data from a hard drive, Pacemaker Safety, How fragile magnets are – Breaking Magnets, and How Magnetic Paint isn’t very attractive. In [...]

  • Injection Molded Magnet Material Specification Brochure

Injection Molded Magnet Material Specification Brochure

Injection Molded Magnet Material Specification Brochure injection molded magnets combine high magnetic strength with excellent physical properties to offer a variety of features and benefits including: High Magnetic Strength PLASTIC molded magnets offer the highest energy available in bonded ferrite, neodymium-iron-boron and samarium cobalt. The ferrite and SmCo materials are highly oriented during the manufacturing [...]

What Are Bonded Magnets Anyway?

What Are Bonded Magnets Anyway? • Bonded magnets are composites of a permanent magnetic powder(s) embedded in a non‐magnetic matrix. • The matrix is typically a thermoplastic or elastomeric binder. • Common processing techniques are extrusion, injection molding, compression bonding, and calendering. • Exhibit excellent mechanical properties compared to fully dense rare earth and ferrite magnets. • End product has good finish and dimensional tolerances requiring no finishing operations. • Injection molded magnets can be formed into complex shapes and be insert or over molded directly onto other components to produce assemblies. • The non‐magnetic binder lowers the density of the magnet and dilutes the contribution of the magnetic powder. • They generate less magnetic output per unit volume than fully dense magnets. • The two most common magnetic powders are isotropic NdFeB and hard ferrite. Neodymium Bonded Radial Ring Magnet   Rare Earth Neodymium Isotropic Ring Bonded Magnet   Compression Bonded Ring Magnet   Bonded Ring NdFeB Magnet

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