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  • Look Neodymium Magnet's Rust

Look Neodymium Magnet’s Rust

Look Neodymium Magnet's Rust While this blog promotes the use of neodymium magnets, we also try to be frank about their limitations. Previous examples include: How a neodymium magnet doesn’t remove all the data from a hard drive, Pacemaker Safety, How fragile magnets are – Breaking Magnets, and How Magnetic Paint isn’t very attractive. In [...]

  • High (Super) Strength Magnet

What is a High (Super) Strength Magnet?

What is a High (Super) Strength Magnet? I often hear customers call our merchandiser to buy high-strength magnets and ask if we can do it here. So what is a high-strength magnet? Where are high-strength magnets commonly used? Today this article will introduce to you. What is a high(super)strength magnet? high-strength magnet According to the [...]

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