Industrial neodymium magnets

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  • Recycling Neodymium Magnets

Recycling Neodymium Magnets

Recycling Neodymium Magnets Industrial neodymium magnets have become a critical part of our daily life and an important contributor to many advanced technology development. Majority of this rare-earth element is mined in China from monazite ((Nd, La, Ce)PO4) and bastnaesite (Ca(Ce, La, Nd)2(CO3)3 F2) ores; however, the mining and extraction processes can be expansive, complex [...]

  • Industrial Magnets

Industrial Magnets

Our customers uses our industrial magnets in the production of many products and applications. MPCO is your one stop shop for industrial permanent magnets. We sell custom designed magnets, mass production permanent magnets, special grades of magnets and more . MPCO supplies magnets for several leading customers in the automotive, aerospace’ military and medical industries. [...]

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