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  • About Magnetic Webcam Cover

About Magnetic Webcam Cover

About Magnetic Webcam Cover, Protect Safe Block Your Webcams with These Magnetic Covers Magnetic Webcam cover can be divided to the plastic type and magnetic type according to the material, and magnetic webcam cover is more popular because of its more attractive texture. Magnetic webcam cover is a piece of metal which can be attached [...]

  • PVC Waterproof Magnets

PVC Waterproof Magnets

PVC Waterproof Magnets, Unbreakable Plastic-Coated N52 Neodymium Disc Magnets, Waterproof Strong Permanent NdFeB Rare Earth Magnets Coated with Hard Polypropylene PVC Waterproof Magnets Product features UNBREAKABLE -Thick Polypropylene coating can withstand falls, collisions with other magnets, strikes and more. Nickel-Copper-Nickel surface plating protects the magnetic interior and prevents corrosion. POWERFUL - N52 is the highest [...]

  • How to Select the Magnet Shapes

How to Select the Magnet Shapes

How to Select the Magnet Shapes A magnet is an object that exerts either an attractive force or a repulsive force on another object. Good examples of materials with strong magnetic properties are iron, mineral lodestone and certain types of steel. One popular type of magnets is the rare-earth magnet. Commonly called a neodymium magnet, [...]

Sensor Magnets

Sensor Magnets We developped magnetic solutions for the sensor / encoder market for many years. . The company's legacy of engineering expertise and customer awareness has created the most reliable and robust magnetic solutions for sensor / encoder technology. We have experience to help you choose the suitable magnet for hall effect and reed switch [...]

  • DIY Foxy Magnetic Mug Sleeve

DIY Foxy Magnetic Mug Sleeve

DIY Foxy Magnetic Mug Sleeve Sometimes you just can’t wait to enjoy that first (or second, or third) cup of coffee or tea. However, using a conventional mug is not without its problems. The handles are often too small to accommodate a comfortable grip and the mug itself takes forever to cool off. By following [...]

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  • Permanent NdFeB Disc Magnet

Permanent NdFeB Disc Magnet

Why choose us Permanent NdFeB Disc Magnet? 1) Over decades experience in NdFeB manufacturing and Marketing 2) Strategic partner of several world top 500 Enterprise, operating well under TS16949 3) Samples and trial orders are welcome 4) Competitive Price & Short Lead Time, cause it is directly from real producer. 5) Professional suggestion or advice [...]

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  • Disc and Rod Magnets

Disc and Rod Magnets

Disc and Rod Magnets Regardless as to what your project or use for Neodymium disc magnets and rod magnets may be, MPCO Magnetics is sure to have the size and strength of the magnet you require. We take pride in providing you with the strongest of all magnets – Neodymium rods and discs. Disc Magnets [...]

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