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  • Magnetic Discs with Adhesive Backing

Adhesive Backing Magnetic Discs

Adhesive Backing Magnetic Discs The self-adhesive backing on the magnets means they can be fixed almost anywhere, in place under card flaps, on the back of signs or used in packaging. Also used with gift boxes, name badges and greetings cards that can stick to a refrigerator. If you haven't used magnetic closer discs before, [...]

  • How To Find The Right NdFeB Magnets

How To Find The Right NdFeB Magnets

How To Find The Right NdFeB Magnets - Through Performance And Working Temperature According to the experience of MPCO for many years, a lot of customers didn’t know the professional knowledge of neodymium magnets. Therefore, the wrong choice has been made. In order to help customers to buy the right neodymium magnets. This paper explains [...]

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  • Adhesive strong magnet

Adhesive Strong Magnet

Adhesive strong magnet is powerful Neodymium magnet with high quality 3M adhesive backing and a new, easy-pull tab. The neodymium magnet is Ni-Cu-Ni plated to protect them against corrosion and conventionally magnetized through the thickness. Usually, the magnets exist in two versions per size – the A version has a North Pole face visible; the [...]

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