Compression Molded NdFeB

//Compression Molded NdFeB
  • moulding radial ring magnet

Method of moulding radial ring magnet and device thereof

Method of moulding radial ring magnet and device thereof Method and apparatus for forming radiation-oriented annular magnets The present invention relates to a method and apparatus for making a radiation-oriented annular magnetic material, and more particularly to a method and apparatus for forming an annular magnet that is radially oriented in a radius or diameter [...]

  • China Magnets

China Magnets

China Magnets Basic knowledge, history, classification of china magnets industry, types of magnets neodymium magnets, ferrite magnets, smco, alnico,rubber magnets, injection magnets Basic knowledge, history, classification of China magnets. types of magnets China magnets industry includes sintered neodymium magnets (sintered ndfeb magnets), bonded neodymium magnets (bonded ndfeb magnets), ferrite magnets, rubber magnets, smco magnets, alnico [...]

  • Plastic Bonded Pressed Magnets

Plastic Bonded Pressed Magnets

Plastic Bonded Pressed Magnets / Plastic Bonded Magnets Plastic bonded pressed magnets are the result of the union between thermoplastic binders and permanent magnet powders, and can be made in isotropic or anisotropic qualities. Pressed magnets are magnetic products manufactured with high precision and tailored for each application. Type of material Magnetic powders: ferrite or [...]

  • Radial multipole rotor magnet

Radial multipole rotor magnet

Radial multipole rotor magnet Radial multi-pole magnetic rotor is a magnet product of MPCO magnet manufacturers, and it is one of the products we are proud of. This is not only because our motor rotor magnets continue to sell well, but also because of us. The magnetic steel is really helping the user. The company [...]



AXIAL MAGNETIC RINGS for SENSOR Magnetic rings for use in harsh environments The robust magnetic rings consist of a vulcanised elastoferrite layer securely attached to a steel hub. The elastoferrite layer is magnetised with 2 mm or 5 mm long alternating magnetic poles which form an incremental magnetic pattern. Additionally, reference mark magnetic signature can [...]

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  • Isotropic polymer bonded NdFeB magnets

Isotropic polymer bonded NdFeB magnets

Isotropic polymer bonded NdFeB magnets - The raw material powder is manufactured by rapid quenching of prescribed alloys into nanocristalline flakes which are subsequently annealed for optimum magnetic properties. Shortly after the invention of rapidly quenched NdFeB magnet powders, MPCO had started to develop polymer bonded magnets from these powders. Isotropic polymer bonded NdFeB [...]

  • Bonded Magnet Material And Process

Bonded Magnet Material And Process Options

Bonded Magnet Material And Process Options Injection Molding Compression Bonding Calendering Extrusion Bonded Magnet Material And Process Compression Bonding or Injection Molding? Injection Molding • Complex forms with good geometrical tolerances • Multi‐cavity tooling • Over and insert molding But • Expensive tooling • Lower magnetics (66% volume loading of magnetic powder) • NdFeB and ferrite Compression Bonding • Thin walled large L/D ratio rings • Simple low cost tooling • Higher magnetics (75% volume loading of magnetic powder) But • Simple geometries • Value added operations during pressing very difficult • NdFeB only CLEANING MAGNET TESTING MAGNET How long should my permanent magnet last? MAGNETIC APPLICATIONS

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  • Typical Compression Bonded Magnetic Properties

Typical Compression Bonded Magnetic Properties

Typical Compression Bonded Magnetic Properties Many suppliers publish specifications for a nominal 10 MGOe magnets with a minimum limit of 9 MGOe. Similar for a nominal 11 MGOe magnet; minimum limit is 10 MGOe. Have to design to lower limit of BHmax Typical Compression Bonded Magnetic Properties BHmax Improvement in Compression Bonded Magnets The BHmax of a compression bonded isotropic NdFeB magnet is influenced by the following two factors: 1. Volume fraction of magnetic phase in the magnet – typically measured by the density of the magnet. • We are investigating increasing the pressing pressure which requires special press construction, lubricants and tooling materials – current production pressing pressures are 7tonnes/cm2 for 5.9 g/cm3 and 10MGOe; estimated that > 20 tonnes/cm2 required for 6.3 g/cm3 and > 11 MGOe. • Optimize the particle encapsulation chemistry and process. • Tailored multimodal PSD’s for maximum packing density. • Particle shape control. 2. Magnetic powder Br/BHmax • Increase isotropic Br of powders while maintaining sufficient Hci to have “linear” B‐H  demagnetization characteristic at the application temperature. Arc Permanent Magnet Neodymium Nickel N35UH   Neodymium Generator Arc Magnet Nickel N33H   Arc Neodymium Magnet Nickel N30H   Segment Neodymium Magnet Nickel N52

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What Are Bonded Magnets Anyway?

What Are Bonded Magnets Anyway? • Bonded magnets are composites of a permanent magnetic powder(s) embedded in a non‐magnetic matrix. • The matrix is typically a thermoplastic or elastomeric binder. • Common processing techniques are extrusion, injection molding, compression bonding, and calendering. • Exhibit excellent mechanical properties compared to fully dense rare earth and ferrite magnets. • End product has good finish and dimensional tolerances requiring no finishing operations. • Injection molded magnets can be formed into complex shapes and be insert or over molded directly onto other components to produce assemblies. • The non‐magnetic binder lowers the density of the magnet and dilutes the contribution of the magnetic powder. • They generate less magnetic output per unit volume than fully dense magnets. • The two most common magnetic powders are isotropic NdFeB and hard ferrite. Neodymium Bonded Radial Ring Magnet   Rare Earth Neodymium Isotropic Ring Bonded Magnet   Compression Bonded Ring Magnet   Bonded Ring NdFeB Magnet

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Flexible NdFeB

Flexible NdFeB - The strongest isotropic flexible magnet in the world so far, a Max. BH of 90KJ/m3(11.25MGO) is available at laboratory, an amazing 5 times more than that for Ferrite magnetic strip, quite close to the highest property of compression Molded NdFeB ring magnet, magnetic property for industrial batch quantity ranges from 16 to [...]

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