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  • Magnetic Lifters

Magnetic Lifters

Magnetic Lifters Magnetic Lifting Systems - Our offered variety of superior quality Magnetic Lifters is widely appreciated for its robust construction, high performance efficiency, flawless appearance, seamless finishing as well as corrosion resistance and reliability. Apart from this, the said product is best suitable for holding diverse types of objects such as billets, steel ingots, [...]

  • Magnetic V Block

Magnetic V Block

Magnetic V Block MPCO is manufacturing a wide range of premium quality Magnetic V Block that are highly acclaimed by the customers for its high performance efficiency, easy installation, high strength and more. Apart from this, these are used for various applications such as drilling, milling, grinding and many more. Furthermore, V Blocks is designed [...]

  • Magnetic Tools

Magnetic Tools

Magnetic Tools We have brought to you a huge compilation of standard quality Magnetic Tools that are comprise of various models. These are easy to handle, smooth functioning, highly durable, reliable, corrosion resistant and more. In addition to this, the said tools have a compact design, light weight and can be easily installed. Moreover, Magnetic [...]

  • linear-magnetic-brake

Linear Magnetic Brakes

Linear Magnetic Brakes Linear permanent magnet brakes, also known as eddy current brakes, are a fail safe, power free, deceleration system that is used in conjunction with a metal reaction plate. Ceramic or rare earth magnets are bonded to a steel back iron plate. No input power is required. They are used in applications such [...]

  • Brushless Linear Motors

Brushless Linear Motors

Brushless Linear Motors The 3 phase brushless linear motors, also known as a linear servo motors, are direct drive motors that are ideal for long stroke, closed loop servo, linear motion applications. They can be used at speeds up to 240 in / sec [6 m / sec]. They are capable of very precise position, [...]

  • world-record field strength for accelerator magnet

Fermilab achieves world-record field strength for accelerator magnet

Fermilab achieves world-record field strength for accelerator magnet To build the next generation of powerful proton accelerators, scientists need the strongest magnets possible to steer particles close to the speed of light around a ring. For a given ring size, the higher the beam's energy, the stronger the accelerator's magnets need to be to keep [...]

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  • The Advantages Of Magnetic Name Tags

The Advantages Of Magnetic Name Tags

The Advantages Of Magnetic Name Tags Magnetic Name tags happen to be utilized while in the service industry along with other kinds of businesses where customer support is imperative for many years. Using a name tag not just identifies workers, but it also helps the customer seem like they can easily approach and talk to [...]

  • Magnetic Theory and Design

Magnetic Theory and Design

Magnetic Theory and Design 1. Can you explain the difference between coercive force and intrinsic coercive force? The intrinsic coercive force is the coercivity of a magnet material in a closed circuit configuration. A closed circuit configuration means the magnet does not have any exposed poles. Some examples of a closed circuit configuration are a [...]

  • magnetic magnetization patterns

Magnetic Magnetization Patterns

Magnetic Magnetization Patterns Isotropic magnets, such as Bonded Nd-Fe-B, are unoriented and have no preferred direction; therefore it is possible to magnetize them in any direction. Almost all other materials are anisotropic and have a preferred direction of magnetization. They will exhibit the best magnetic properties when magnetized in the direction of the grain. Higher [...]

  • MPCO Permanent Magnet Appearance Features

Permanent Magnet Appearance

Permanent Magnet Appearance 1, Can customers specify appearance requirements? Yes. MPCO MAG was founded upon the ideology of custom solutions. We encourage customers to specify mechanical and/or appearance requirements. Of course, if no customer-specific standards are stated, MPCO adheres to its own Permanent Magnets Workmanship and Appearance Standard. 2, Does MPCO Magnetic Technologies have standards [...]

Magnetic Caculations

Magnetic Caculations - About Rules of Thumb and Quick Calculations 1. How are energy product and magnet strength related? Magnet strength needs to be defined. Magnet strength actually is a measure of total flux in the area of interest. If greater holding strength is desired, then more Br is needed, and since holding force is [...]

  • Magnets Shipment

Magnets Shipment

Magnets Shipment MPCO is an expert in magnetic materials and customers rely on us to ensure that all rules and regulations are being followed for shipping of magnetic materials. All personnel responsible for shipping magnets by air are trained for that purpose. We have cooperated 10 years forwarders for express TNT, or DHL by express [...]