Magnets for Motor Applications

Magnets for Motor Applications Magnets and Assemblies from MPCO Magnetic Products can be found in many types of motors, generators, and actuators. Rare Earth magnets (Samarium Cobalt and Neodymium), or ferrite (ceramic) magnets can be used in magnetic motor and vehicle magnet applications. Rare Earth magnets are typically two to three times stronger than ferrite [...]

  • Radially Magnetized Ring Magnets

Radially Magnetized Ring Magnets

Neodymium Radially Magnetized Ring Magnets Neodymium ‘Radially Magnetized’ Ring Magnets have a specific magnetic pattern on either their inside or outside diameter and are most commonly available in three different configurations. A new technology enables the production of super strong, one piece, radially magnetized neodymium ring magnet! Magnets with Skewed Magnetization (show in image 1) [...]

  • Reed Switches

Reed Switches vs. Magnetoresistive Sensors

Reed Switches vs. Magnetoresistive Sensors In a previous post we took a look at magnetic field sensors vs inductive proximity sensors for robot grippers. In this post I am going to dive a little deeper into magnetic field sensors and compare two technologies: reed switches, and magnetoresistive sensors (GMR). Reed Switches The simplest magnetic field [...]

  • Magnetic Bearing Systems

Magnetic Bearing Systems

Magnetic Bearing Systems Custom-engineered magnetic bearing systems for large turbo machinery and high-performing rotating equipment. Developing magnetic solutions for the industry’s most critical and challenging applications. Today, we combine this knowledge and experience with a broad range of magnetic bearing software and hardware configurations to serve the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers and end users in [...]

  • PM-Generator

Simulating Permanent Magnet Generators

Simulating Permanent Magnet Generators Permanent magnet generators, or PM generators as they are also called, generate power without batteries. PM generators consist of a magnetic stator coiled with wire and a wheel with permanent magnets rotating inside the stator. From motorcycles to wind farms, PM generators can be used in many electrical machinery applications. Let’s [...]

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  • IVD aluminum coating magnet

Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD) Aluminum Coating Magnet

Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD) Aluminum Coating Magnet Introduction of aluminum coating magnet From the perspective of anti-corrosion and mechanical strength, the aluminum coating is an ideal choice for NdFeB magnet. The superiorities of aluminum coating includes: The potential difference between aluminum and NdFeB substrate is very low, and could not be formed electrochemical corrosion. There [...]

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