• Radially Magnetized Ring Magnets

Radially Magnetized Ring Magnets

Neodymium Radially Magnetized Ring Magnets Neodymium ‘Radially Magnetized’ Ring Magnets have a specific magnetic pattern on either their inside or outside diameter and are most commonly available in three different configurations. A new technology enables the production of super strong, one piece, radially magnetized neodymium ring magnet! Magnets with Skewed Magnetization (show in image 1) [...]

  • Reed Switches

Reed Switches vs. Magnetoresistive Sensors

Reed Switches vs. Magnetoresistive Sensors In a previous post we took a look at magnetic field sensors vs inductive proximity sensors for robot grippers. In this post I am going to dive a little deeper into magnetic field sensors and compare two technologies: reed switches, and magnetoresistive sensors (GMR). Reed Switches The simplest magnetic field [...]

  • Magnetic Bearing Systems

Magnetic Bearing Systems

Magnetic Bearing Systems Custom-engineered magnetic bearing systems for large turbo machinery and high-performing rotating equipment. Developing magnetic solutions for the industry’s most critical and challenging applications. Today, we combine this knowledge and experience with a broad range of magnetic bearing software and hardware configurations to serve the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers and end users in [...]

  • PM-Generator

Simulating Permanent Magnet Generators

Simulating Permanent Magnet Generators Permanent magnet generators, or PM generators as they are also called, generate power without batteries. PM generators consist of a magnetic stator coiled with wire and a wheel with permanent magnets rotating inside the stator. From motorcycles to wind farms, PM generators can be used in many electrical machinery applications. Let’s [...]

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  • IVD aluminum coating magnet

Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD) Aluminum Coating Magnet

Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD) Aluminum Coating Magnet Introduction of aluminum coating magnet From the perspective of anti-corrosion and mechanical strength, the aluminum coating is an ideal choice for NdFeB magnet. The superiorities of aluminum coating includes: The potential difference between aluminum and NdFeB substrate is very low, and could not be formed electrochemical corrosion. There [...]

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