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  • Disc, cylinder and ring magnets magnetization

Various shapes Magnets Magnetization Orientation

Various shapes Magnets Magnetization Orientation Neodymium, ceramic, samarium cobalt magnets can be custom-made in various shapes, sizes and magnetization orientations or directions. In this article, we list out and illustrate some of the available options for magnetization orientation which is defined during pressing process and prior to magnetization. Of course, engineers can always request otherwise [...]

  • China Educational Magnets Manufacturer

Educational Magnets

China Educational Magnets Manufacturer MPCO can produce many types of educational magnets for users. Commonly used educational magnets are in shapes of rectangle bar, cylinder bar, U type horseshoe), sometimes to be used together with other special-shaped permanent magnets. China Educational Magnets Manufacturer These kinds of magnets are usually manufactured in material of [...]

  • U-Shaped Horseshoe Magnets

U-Shaped Horseshoe Magnets

U-Shaped Horseshoe Magnets Horseshoe & U-Shaped Magnets - AlNiCo & Ferrite Magnets for Education, Experiment, Students Dedicated, Toy MPCO is a leading manufacturer of alnico horseshoe magnets, U-shaped ferrite magnets for education, teaching, stationery, toy etc. U-Shaped Horseshoe Magnets If you demand such permanent magnet products, please give us the information below: Production [...]

  • Search Terms Magnet Keywords in MPCO

Search Terms Magnet Keywords in MPCO

Search Terms Magnet Keywords in MPCO Search Terms for 90 days ending June 12, 2020 (Summarized) March 14, 2020 to Today taxi sign magnets 4 amazon 4 magnetic encoder ndfeb 4 magnet Ø75 x 15 x m10 3 ndfeb hallsensor 3 magnetic tig welding torch stand 3 Search Terms Magnet Keywords in MPCO [...]

  • Industrial Magnets

Industrial Magnets

Our customers uses our industrial magnets in the production of many products and applications. MPCO is your one stop shop for industrial permanent magnets. We sell custom designed magnets, mass production permanent magnets, special grades of magnets and more . MPCO supplies magnets for several leading customers in the automotive, aerospace’ military and medical industries. [...]

  • Magnets Technical Information

Magnets Technical Information

Magnets technical information The determining of magnetic properties is often not given its proper place along the development path of a product. These basic but important considerations are commonly considered as features which will adapt themselves into the required format at a later date. This may be true for applications using low coercive materials such [...]

  • Ferrite Arc Magnet For Car Aircondtioner

Ferrite Arc Magnet For Car Airconditioner

Ferrite Arc Magnet For Car Airconditioner Compressor Arc magnets are a unique shape which are designed especially for motors, generators and alternators and are commonly used for both rotors and stators. They are also used in magnetic flywheel assemblies. In motor design a ring of magnets with alternating polarities on the inner radius rotate in [...]

  • magnetic-separator-assembly

Magnetic Separator Assembly

magnetic separator assembly, China manufacturers suppliers factory, customized cheap price magnetic separator quotation in stock The magnetic separator is a screening device for removing iron powder and the like in the reuse of powder granules. After the slurry is fed into the tank by the ore tank, the ore particles enter the tank feeding area [...]

  • Permanent Magnets Maximum Operating Temperatures

Permanent Magnets Operating Temperatures

Permanent Magnets Operating Temperatures All Permanent Magnets experience variations in field strength (flux density) as the ambient temperature increases or decreases. How these variations in operating temperature influence magnetic strength depend on the type of magnetic material and the degree above or below ambient temperature in which they are expected to operate. The shape of [...]



FERRITE MAGNETS FERRITE MAGNETS are composed of barrium/strontium carbonate and iron oxide. They are charcoal gray in color and usually appear in the forms of discs, rings, blocks, cylinders, and sometimes arcs for motors. Attributes of Ferrite Magnets - High intrinsic coercive force Tooling is expensive Least expensive material compared to alnico and rare earth [...]

  • linear-magnetic-brake

Linear Magnetic Brakes

Linear Magnetic Brakes Linear permanent magnet brakes, also known as eddy current brakes, are a fail safe, power free, deceleration system that is used in conjunction with a metal reaction plate. Ceramic or rare earth magnets are bonded to a steel back iron plate. No input power is required. They are used in applications such [...]

  • magnetic magnetization patterns

Magnetic Magnetization Patterns

Magnetic Magnetization Patterns Isotropic magnets, such as Bonded Nd-Fe-B, are unoriented and have no preferred direction; therefore it is possible to magnetize them in any direction. Almost all other materials are anisotropic and have a preferred direction of magnetization. They will exhibit the best magnetic properties when magnetized in the direction of the grain. Higher [...]